Home Intercoms- Obsolete Today But Luxury in the 1960s

In the 1960s a new suburban Maryland community had its beginnings when a builder named William J. Levitt came to town. He purchased the Woodward Estate (Belair Mansion) and the many surrounding acres, beginning construction of a new town that would be known as Belair at Bowie. The houses came with then-modern amenities, including the…

Cemetery in Bridgetown

At the end of July, whilst on my honeymoon in Barbados we visited the cemetery of a cathedral that dates back to the 1600s.

Mystery Artifact

This artifact is interesting and we have a had a few guesses including a cane topper and a part of a small mirror. (Photo Credit: Kelly Palich) This artifact is made of carved bone, and fused together with an iron bar inside. It appears to have an area where a mirror could have rested. It…

Historic snowfall in historic Savannah!

Today I had the pleasure of witnessing the rare occurrence of snow in the lowcountry! It truly was surreal and beautiful. I will post more photos later in the week but at least wanted to share a few from the apartment on West Jones St where my fiancé and I are staying through this week….

Union Brick…any ideas?

As I waited for a wedding rental to get set up this morning, I walked around the Patapsco Female Jnstitute grounds to a place a have never been up close. There is a large pile of bricks off to the side in an overgrown area, I am guessing left over from the stabilization project. They…

Tabby Construction: Building the early Lowcountry

Equal parts oyster shell, sand, water and lime, examples of the concrete material known as tabby can still be seen throughout the Lowcountry. In particular this blog will focus on St. Simon’s Island, GA and the surrounding area. From the first time I noticed this unique material, I was fascinated. Functional and vernacular, the abundance…

Peaceful summer day in New England

Relaxing at my aunt and uncle’s house in Groton, MA. This house was built in 1897. I always loved comIng up here as a kid and I still do. This whole town has many stunning old homes and buildings, a refreshing and much needed change of pace .

April 5- Cleanup Day at Mallows Bay

This is a great opportunity to come visit this amazing site and learn about its history while helping the local environment. It will be more than just a cleanup day, hope to see you there!