No, This Is Not Their 1776

As I watched the events of January 6 unfold with a wide range of emotions, seeing a mix of flags including Trump 2020, Confederate Flags, The Gadsden Flag (Don’t Tread on Me), the Mississippi state flag, and the 1776 stars and stripes, what struck me the hardest was the fact that these people really and…

Union Brick…any ideas?

As I waited for a wedding rental to get set up this morning, I walked around the Patapsco Female Jnstitute grounds to a place a have never been up close. There is a large pile of bricks off to the side in an overgrown area, I am guessing left over from the stabilization project. They…

Peaceful summer day in New England

Relaxing at my aunt and uncle’s house in Groton, MA. This house was built in 1897. I always loved comIng up here as a kid and I still do. This whole town has many stunning old homes and buildings, a refreshing and much needed change of pace .

Presentation comments

Sorry I did not post this yesterday but if you have any feedback about my presentation I will be happy to take your comments!